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I'm Gaurav

Full Stack Developer.

Creating, Crafting and Developing User Interfaces

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I am a Full Stack Developer with more than 4 years of experience and can assure you to deliver the best quality product with Pixel Perfect design and High Coding Standards.

My expertise lies in a wide range of web application development technologies, including ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, Redux which are utilized to assist businesses in creating a range of web applications.

✅ Version Control - Git, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Github.

✅ Tools - VS Code, Visual Studio, Webstorm

✅ Creating REST Services and APIs using Swagger specifications.

✅ Collaboration Tools - JIRA, JIRA Confluence, JIRA Story Points, Slack, Trello.

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Interest JavaScript
Interest TypeScript
Interest ReactJS
Interest NextJS
Interest NodeJS


Native App

Food Finder

Restaurant finder app gives you list of restaurants divided into three categories, Highly expensive, Less expensive, and Economical, inspired by your search term. Zomato API is used to fetch restaurant details.

React NativeZomato API
Food Finder

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